How do I know when to replace my car's battery?

Winter is here and we we want to make sure our drivers stay safe on the cold roads. A dead battery can strand you in bad weather, and that’s easy to avoid with proper maintenance.

Here are some signs to watch out for. If you notice your vehicle having these issues then it’s time to schedule a service appointment so our reps can look at your battery and change it if needed.

The check engine light comes on

This warning strikes fear and dread into the heart of many, but did you know that sometimes your engine light will come on if your battery is starting to get weaker? If you see the light go on don’t ignore it or hope it’ll go away; come into our service center!

Your car is slow to start

When you buy a new car with a fresh battery it’ll easily start up. As the battery starts to age that connection beings to lag. Another sign is if you hear a lot of clicking noises happening is quick succession.

An unpleasant odor

When a car smells bad people don’t tend to wait long before coming in to see us. If under the hood has an eggy smell (sulfuric, to be exact) then it could mean acid is leaking and you’ll want to get that checked ASAP so the acid doesn’t eat away at any crucial components of your vehicle!

Age & Temperature

It’s cold in Maine, however batteries actually tend to last longer in colder weather than warmer temps. Up here you can expect around 4 -5 years out of your battery, though it’s never a bad idea to start checking at 3 years or if the issues above start cropping up.

We’re located in Augusta, Maine and enjoy serving customers from Bangor, Auburn, and Camden, ME and making sure their vehicles stay safe and reliable. Before you stop into our service center, don’t forget to check out our service specials!

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