How Can I Tell When I Need New Tires?

Are you concerned about the condition of your vehicle’s tires? There are various ways to check the health of tires. There is the handy penny trick that you can use. Just put in a penny in the tread of the tire head first. If you can see the head on the penny, it may be time to get new a set of tires because the tire tread is too low. You may also want to consider the age of the tires, and when they last got put on your vehicle. If it has been quite a few years since you last had them replaced, make an appointment with our Service Center for a tire inspection. Other factors to look out for include bulges and flaws in the tires. If you notice that one of the tires looks different than the others, this may mean that there is something wrong with it. Be sure to see us promptly to avoid a blowout. While driving, if the ride feels bumpy or is pulling to one side, this can also be a sign that the tires are worn. You may also need an alignment, so it is wise to make an appointment promptly.

Tire Care Tips

While noticing if there is something wrong with your vehicle’s tires is vital, there are some maintenance measures that you can take to help prolong the life of your car’s tires.

  • Check the Tire Air Pressure
  • Regular Tire Rotation and Alignment
  • Stay in the Load Capacity Limits
  • Travel at Safe Speeds

Would you like to learn more about tire maintenance? Ask one of our Parts or Service Advisors at Charlie’s Honda for further information, and be sure to ask about Charlie’s Lifetime Warranty Tire Package. We are a Maine Honda dealership in Augusta who looks forward to serving drivers throughout Waterville, Lewiston, Auburn and Camden ME, with top-notch service and genuine parts.

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