When do studded tires have to be off in Maine?

The short answer is, now! If you still have your studded snow tires on your vehicle you are subject to possible fines according to Maine State Law. Between May 1st and October 1st, studded snow tires are not allowed on Maine roads as they contribute to the premature degradation of the road surface, and can even do harm to your vehicle as well.

At Charlie’s Honda in Augusta, ME, we’ll help you get on the right side of the law if you still have your studded snow tires on your vehicle. However, there are more than just legal reasons for shedding those spiked tires when the weather gets warmer.

The winter tires that studs are attached to are made of much softer rubber than those of all-season and summer tires. The reason for this is that they are designed to operate and grip at a much lower temperature than other tire categories, and the softer rubber allows them to flex and grab the road surface effectively when the temperatures are much lower.

Above 40 degrees, that rubber is susceptible to extreme wear as it becomes too soft to grip the road without doing so. Imagine a pencil eraser on a sheet of paper, and how quickly you can wear it out. The same concept applies to your winter tires, and in come cases the rubber is so soft the tread blocks can be torn off due to extreme loads.

But you can avoid all of that and a potential fine by visiting our service center today! Our team of professionals will fit your vehicle with the appropriate all-season or summer tires that will provide stable handling, reliable grip, and most importantly, can stand up to the heat of the incoming summer without wearing prematurely. So visit us today and save those studded snow tires for another season!

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