The winter season will soon arrive in Maine, so you might think about the tires on your new or used Honda; your car might even come due for a routine oil change. Your tires represent some of the most important components of your Honda as only these parts touch the ground, so keeping them in excellent care constitutes a high priority this season. Let us give you some tire buying tips and pointers on taking care of your Honda tires here at Charlie's Honda in Augusta, ME. Visit our service center for all your tire and maintenance needs, located on-site at our dealership on Western Avenue, less than a half-hour outside of Auburn.

Tire Buying Tips

  1. Check the Tire Wear: Before selecting new tires from our parts center, you should check your alignment and tires for uneven wear as your tires should wear down at the same rate. Any uneven wear could constitute the need for a rotation or alignment resetting.
  2. Check Your Manual: New and used Honda models near Portland might require different sizes or types of tires, so consult your owner's manual to ensure you purchase the right set. You will find the tire code in the manual or stamped on the side of the tires.
  3. Consider Purchasing a Full Set: While some drivers may wish to cut corners and only replace the tires they need, mismatching tires could off-set your alignment and lead to further uneven wear of your new tires. You may also wish to consider winter tires for the harsher winter months in Maine.
  4. Break in Tires Carefully: Before you take on more aggressive street driving or adverse weather conditions in Auburn, make sure you allow for a few miles of smooth driving to help break-in the tires. Most new tires contain a release agent who will wear off during the break-in process, but could inhibit the grip of the tires in the meantime.

Tips on Maintaining Tires

  • Keep Tires Inflated: Always check your tires to ensure they all carry proper inflation. Your manual will tell you the right inflation pressure, and your Honda should come with a special tool to measure the pressure in pounds per square inch (psi).
  • Check Traction: Always check to make sure your tires carry proper tread to avoid hydroplaning. You may check this when parked by placing a penny in the deepest groove of your tire. If President Lincoln's head remains obscured by the tire, you can take this as a good sign!
  • Schedule a Tire Rotation: Your tires should undergo a rotation once every 5,000 miles or so to ensure they wear on evenly and that your vehicle's alignment remains properly balanced.

Schedule an Appointment Today

Whether you need new tires, a rotation, or just some feedback on proper tire care this winter, you can schedule an appointment and come visit us here at Charlie's Honda in Augusta, ME. You should also check out our latest service coupons to find ways to save on your next set. We look forward to hearing from you!