Yes, you can! In fact, automotive payments is one of the biggest categories that people spend their tax refund on. Stimulus checks are for stimulating the economy, and what better way to stimulate it than getting a car that will give you peace of mind and help you relax on the way to an interview?

What Are My Options?

When you're looking at buying a new car near Waterville, you have a few options. You can buy new or pre-owned, or you can lease a new Honda.

Car Loans

Whether you're buying a new or a used car around Lewiston, you're going to be paying for it all now. Since most people can't afford to pay it all in cash, you can get a loan to cover most of the payment and put a down payment to cover the rest. The higher the down payment, the lower the principle on the loan. The lower the principle on the loan, the less you'll have to pay off, and the less you'll have to spend each month on car payments.

Lease Offers

Leases are a little different. Instead of buying the car, Portland drivers pay for the right to drive it. Like an apartment lease, a new Honda Lease doesn't let you do whatever you want with the car, but you'll be paying less than if you bought it outright. You'll also always get the latest technology, since a lease typically lasts about three years. Like buying a car, you can pay more when you start the lease to lower your monthly payments.

What Are My Next Steps Around Auburn?

If you want to discuss these options further, our finance team would be happy to help, or you can check out our new Honda specials and find a fantastic deal near Camden. If you're ready to apply for financing, you can do that online by entering your information in our secure form. Whatever you choose to do, we'll be here ready to help!

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